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We are working hard to get Pioneer ready for our trip to Canada.  We need to prep her for possible storms while we are away, as well as do the many yearly tasks that require attention on a boat.


Our turtle buddies at Wayfarers enjoy a meaty alternative to the crackers that we feed them

Before we left for Canada, it was important for us to touch base with old friends, Dick and Judy Giddings.  We had sailed partway up the coast with Dick's former boat, St. Jude, so we had lots to tell them when we saw them.  We would also have an opportunity to deliver a special present to Dick, from Cuba.




Dick and Judy Giddings with Judy in New Bern



 We finally headed out from Wayfarers in mid-June. Pioneer was well secured for any possible weather situations and she was spotless - which made our return in August far easier.  We made it back to Canada in 48 hours - doing our usual driving all night and then stopping for two nights.  It's tiresome, but it works for us.  After a week in Lethbridge, Judy went out to SaltSpring Island to visit her mum for three weeks while Ron used that time to help his mum out with some jobs around her condo. It was a special time for us both as our mum's are in their 90's.  Judy also got a chance to visit with her son, Rob, and his family, when they came to SaltSpring for a visit. His girls are growing like weeds and full of energy.  The visit was fun, although exhausting!

Rob, Carol, Jade and Sage visit Grandma Judy and Great Grandma Henderson, on SaltSpring Island

On returning to Lethbridge, we started to tie up lose ends and prepare to leave our friends.  We spent copious hours with our Chiropractor, Jeff Hedrich. He managed to get us both lined up and ready to go back to another season of boating.  He also put Judy on some natural meds/supplements that have done wonders for her arthritis pain.  Scampering around on the boat just became a whole lot easier!  Our computer Guru, another Jeff, took our computer and gave it a thorough check-up/tune-up.  Now we are set both physically and electronically for another season of adventures. 


Friend and computer guru, Jeff, delivers our Toshiba and pronounces it in great health!






Ron and Cliff relax in the trees at Park Lake near Lethbridge

We even managed a picnic dinner with friends, Cliff and Linda, when the temperatures in Lethbridge climbed into the 90's.  We almost felt like we were in North Carolina! We also managed an enjoyable visit with Phyllis and her son, Dick. Phyllis was the one who purchased our home in Lethbridge.  It was good to see it again and how the gardens were thriving under Phyllis's green thumb.  Finally it was time to leave.  We packed up all our things for the storage lockers, filled them almost completely, and then started on the car.  Ron's mum was sad to see us go and we felt sad to leave her.  It is always hard saying goodbye and we find that our lifestyle is full of them (goodbyes).  It sure makes you appreciate friends and family, during the short time you have together.

Ron and his mum  prepare to load up the Mazda for our trip east


On returning to North Carolina and Minnesott Beach we renewed old friendships and felt relaxed settling back into life on Pioneer. Friends Rex and Carol invited us for an afternoon cruise on their Chris Craft run-about.  It was so refreshing to get back onto the water and to feel the wind on your face. While on our cruise we saw the moving of the New Bern Swing Bridge.  The bridge was old and is being replaced with a

Rex and Carol aboard "Beach Fever"

more modern lift bridge. The barges/tugs were transporting it to Edenton where it will be scrapped.  Life goes on!

New Bern Bridge learns how to get underway!


Judy along with two other boat buddies at Minnesott, Shirley and Cindy, are getting into pool aerobics at the local country club and walking daily to get in shape for the new sailing season.  Not only do you need to get the boat in shape - your body has to be able to handle it as well!


Sept. to Dec. 2007

Getting Ready For Another Cruising Season!

It is now August and we are back on Pioneer getting her ready to sail another season.  Although she is for sale, we are still planning to cruise her this winter.  If she is sold before we head out, that will be OK.  However, she is a great boat and we look forward to cruising her this season. In preparation for our sail south we had lots of boat jobs to do and Judy spent some time back in Canada visiting her mum.  All in all, we were very busy and time just flew by, hence we were remiss in updating our website.  As we wait out weather here in Warderick Wells (Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park) we intend to catch up on our adventures to date. 

Before leaving Minnesott we hauled out Pioneer to give her a facelift.  A new boot stripe, some new bottom paint and an overall polish of pretty much everything had her sparkling. 


Judy cleans brass till it sparkles!



Ron rearranges systems in the port lazarette










Pioneer gets a lift onto the hard for a few weeks




When we weren't working on Pioneer, we traveled around the immediate area of Pamlico County picking up supplies, shopping and visiting friends.  Judy started into aerobics and yoga classes - both of which were super fun.  Over the summer, it was aqua exercise at the country club pool.  A very active summer it was and really helped Judy's hip arthritis.  We thought that it would be fun to have some glimpses of Pamlico County on our website.  It is a rural area with a wonderful charm about it.


Pamlico residents prepare for Halloween









Lots of firewood piled up for winter!





Just a little adjustment to the porch roof and it will look spiffy!






Family gravesites can be found throughout Pamlico County






You just never know when you might need something, so throw NOTHING away!




Not to be forgotten, was the Southbound Cruiser's Rendezvous in New Bern, NC. We attended all 4 days and met up with good friends from the past as well new friends who had similar sailing plans.


Dick and Judy host their third Cruiser's Rendezvous


We were able to help one couple from Montreal who were planning to make the trek to Cuba, by giving them copies of our charts, waypoints and tips to make the trip a great experience.

When we got back into the water in October, there were still many jobs to do.  It was time to provision.  Friends at the marina, Bob and Vicki, loaded their boat, "First Look", until there was no room for even one more bottle of wine!



Bob and Vicki take on the storage challenge


Charlie and Shirley on "La Coquette" were also planning to leave at the same time as us, although their plans were for the Abacos first instead of the Exumas.  With the six of us all heading south at about the same time, Tom (marina dock-master) and Kathy hosted a party for all of us at their cottage.  It was just a great time and a wonderful way to say goodbye to our friends.




The six southbound cruisers pose for the last shot!







Rex keeps his fork in a safe place while awaiting a piece of cake!




Carol stores her fork in an equally secure location?









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